Problem with website

I have problems with the web site display. Anyone has the same problem? This problem shows up in my Samsung tablet, not in my desktop computer. It displays a file and folder list when I click on the “home” tab. When I click on any link, it re-displays itself.

PS.: I just tried another tablet without problem. I could an issue with Chrome in that tablet. If anyone has the same problem and found a solution, I would appreciate to know about it.

PS. I tried firefox with the first tablet. It is Ok. So it is clearly a problem with Chrome.

Hi lusan,
I am using Chrome too and it works properly for me. Maybe try to clear Chrome’s cache and check again.

I just used firefox for a while. Last night I used chrome without problem. Next time, I will try clearing the chrome’s cache. I did notice that lingq experience is faster with chrome at least in my tablet. Well…Thanks.