Problem with wall

I received an e-mail stating that someone had written a message on my wall. I read as much of the message as I could in the e-mail, then went to my wall to finish reading it and…surprise! No such message appears there!


Some people send mail, then delete it. I do this at times because I don’t want to take up someone’s wall if I make a long post/make several posts, if I correct something for someone (for free), or if I would like my message to be more private.

At least this is what I do and what I’ve noticed that may be happening at LingQ.

If the email was generated by LingQ then the explanation could be that the writer of the message canceled their account at LingQ.

Actually, the message was from Mait!

over to Mark!

Umm…obviously, Mait posted the wall post and then deleted it once the email had been sent, as she said… :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thx.

It’s happened to me as well…

It has never happened to me. I do not think it is a good idea to write on someone’s wall and then erase the message. It is a little bit like phoning someone and then hanging up without speaking.

Lol. I don’t agree, Steve. I know the person will get the message.

Okay, I “think” the other person may get the message.

No need to paint me as a “crank caller”, Steve. I refer people to LingQ. Some have joined. I never ask for points, etc.

At first, I thought it was for correcting messages , fo people who mistakenly write on their own walls. Can you blame members for figuring out creative ways to use this?

Whenever I get a notice that I have a message on my wall, I go to my Wall. Then I click on the person’s name to respond. That is how the system works.

On the other hand, it is a way of sending a private message to someone. The system is there. You can use it how you like. Just as long as you explain when someone gets confused. :wink:

The main thing to me is that our members our active, and you certainly are active Mait, which I appreciate.

Here’s what I get:

I get the entire message in my e-mail. It is not necessary for me to log on to LingQ unless the message requires a response. This part works like a charm for me. It takes me two minutes to log on to LingQ. I’m not an efficiency expert, but I know how much time that is in a year.

I don’t get all my friend requests. Mark wrote me that the “odd request” goes missing. That’s fine. Apparently quite a lot of mine are in that category. I won’t tell the members which of them the system deemed odd. Frankly, most of them seemed so normal to me…

Most of my LingQs end up in my spam now…and recently, a friend request. I have so much LingQ spam, I think I’m Hawaiian.

I have AOL…it has a nickname many know, perhaps that’s where the requests went.

Okay, seriously. I made a lot of jokes. Some people will laugh, and some will think I’m crazy because the references will go over their heads.

Spam=a canned meat product popular in Hawaii. (Double meaning with spam mail)

odd request goes missing=here it means that occasionally a message will be lost

odd (other meaning=unusual)

AOL is sometimes nicknamed" “AOH-ll”

Thank-you for saying that, Mark and Steve. I referred someone yesterday. I know a lot of people who could use LingQ.

BTW, I’m OK with the MMM (mysterious missing message). I posted because 1.) I didn’t realize it was possible to delete a message that had been posted so I thought something was wrong with the system and 2.) the message ended with … three periods; I don’t know/forgot the name of that punctuation. I use those a lot myself, but I got caught this time and thought they had been put in by the system to show that the whole message wasn’t there and I wanted to finish reading it! Just an explanation…

(uh, oh, dangerous way to end a sentence!)

@Miss take,

I got this e-mail too a faw weeks ago. I’ve never answered of course :slight_smile:

I do know what spam is. lol. Growing up, as a Seventh-day Adventist, we would occasionally eat Wham, which was a fake meat product imitating Spam (although why you would want to imitate Spam, I have no clue. Yuck!). It’s clever, I suppose.

No clue why I am replying in a thread that has nothing to do with me. I should be working. :-/

Sorry: a few* weeks ago