Problem with the system

I have added around 300 new know words, yesterday I could see I had 4.234 something like that, today it shows 3.966 then I read and listen new lesson add new words but the systems reads it wrong like, I added 10 words it shows only 1 word…

This week, many times I had to stop doing a lesson because I could not save words at the lesson any more.

I will keep doing lessons, see what happens!!?

Thank you to anyone which can give me some info.

There was a caching issue that we have now fixed which caused the Known Words number to be inaccurate. Please see the following post for more information: Known Words Aren't Downdating - Language Forum @ LingQ

Regarding the inability to save words, what exactly is happening in these cases? Is your browser freezing? What browser are you using when accessing LingQ?

The browser google chrome, but it starts happening this week, I had no problem. I have internet explorer in my computer. It is quite rare why is that hapening? right now I am studying and then have to pass to another lesson because I can´t save words anymore at the lesson.

I remember I changed some words from known 4 back to 1. That´s why?

I also pay attention for the number of words learned it´s a big motivator.

Anyway thank you, I just have to continue working and see what happening!!???

I’m not sure if it’s related to you changing the status from 4 to 1. What exactly do you mean when you say that you can’t save any more words in the lesson?