Problem with the new audio player and "Umlaute"

There are now problems with the audio player if the name of the file contains “Umlaute” of the German Language. Maybe it is the same for other strange characters.

I know that this worked before. Unfortunately a lot of the uploaded mp3 files in German has “Umlaute”.

The upload of such files work.

Thanks, Vera. We will look into this. There are some files that behave strangely. It may be in the filename as you suggest.

Hi Mark, I’m sure that the file name causes the problem. I renamed the file. Then it worked.

That’s great! I will pass that on to our development team.

Hi Vera, I think this problem is fixed now. I am unable to find a lesson that won’t play. Do you know of any specific lessons you can test?

Thank you Mark. The problem is solved! I’ve tested it with two lessons.