Problem with the app

I am not sure whether it is just me, but I have problems during the last days with the app.

  1. I added a number of lessons now several times to a playlist and they disappear again.
  2. Also the vocabulary review doesn’t work properly. It sometimes does not show me the answer but moves on and sometimes does not show the question and says that my answer is wrong.
  3. In addition there used to be a feature “daily review”. It seems this feature is gone even so the LingQ widget still shows it (that is something I noticed quite some time ago).

Any tips what I can do?

Are you using an iOS app?

Yes, I have an iPhone and use the iOS App. Sorry I should have mentioned that in my initial question.

Can you check and confirm that you have the latest app version installed? Thanks.

I have just checked. Yes, I have 5.4.10 (recently updated).

Thanks, we will check that.

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