Problem with sort by number of unknown words in the library

The sort by number of unknown words in the library doesn’t work. I guess it has to do with the limitation of 40 pages in the advanced library view.

I’ve tested it for French.

If I didn’t make any selection, the following lessons with 8 or less unknown words are shown:
New words; Lesson; Created
1; FrenchLingQ - Who is She?, Part 3; April 9, 2007
1; FrenchLingQ - Eating Out, Partie 9; Juni 14, 2007
1; FrenchLingQ - Eating Out, Partie 10; Juni 14, 2007
1; J’ai mal!; Juli 5, 2008
1; Débutant - Manger à l’extérieur (lecture lente), Partie 9; April 9, 2009
1; Débutant - Manger à l’extérieur (lecture lente), Partie 10; April 9, 2009
3; Je suis américaine; Juli 5, 2008
3; Le journal en français facile, Infos en français facile 06/05/2009 22:00; Mai 8, 2009
4; FrenchLingQ - Who is She?, Part 8; April 9, 2007
6; Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait là?; Juni 22, 2008
6; Mes écrits! Dialogue; April 20, 2009
8; La famille, partie 1; Okt. 13, 2007
8; La famille, partie 2; Okt. 13, 2007
8; Il y a quelque chose qui brûle; Juni 22, 2008
8; Le journal en français facile, Infos en français facile 16/05/2009 22:00; Mai 18, 2009
8; Collection “Simples dialogues”, 3e épisode - Je vais à la poste; Juli 2 2009

If I select “serge doucet” as provider, the following lessons with up to 8 unknown words are shown:
New words; Lesson; Created
3; Simples dialogues, - à l’hôtel; Nov 22, 2009
4; Simples dialogues, - Deux billets de première; Nov 22, 2009
5; Simples dialogues, - Vous désirez, monsieur; Nov 22, 2009
6; Français niveau débutant, La présentation - La nationalité et la profession; Okt 25, 2009
7; Français niveau débutant, L’interrogation simple - La négation; Okt 25, 2009
7; Trucs et astuces pour une meilleure orthographe, Ou/Où; April 25, 2011
8; Français niveau débutant, Les verbes en “er”; Okt 25, 2009
8; Français niveau débutant, LE PRONOM “Y”; Nov. 7,. 2009
8; Simples dialogues, - à l’école; Nov 22, 2009
8; Simples dialogues, Réservation à l’hôtel; Feb. 27, 2010

NONE of Serge’s lessons are shown in the first list. Do you protect people from studying his lessons? To select for lessons with the fewest number of unknown words is one of my favourite searches as a beginner.

First I thought it would probably be effected by the create date but this seems not to be the case.

I’ve tested it, too.

No filter, sorted by number of new words:

  1. FrenchLingQ - Greetings and Goodbyes, Part 3, 4 new words.

Filter: Serge Doucet, sorted by number of new words:

  1. Simples dialogues, - Quand partez-vous, 3 new words.

So why Serge’s lesson does not show up before “FrenchLingQ - Greetings and Goodbyes, Part 3”?

Just to bring this to attention. This problem exists now for about a year.

Yes, we have been looking at this issue and the fact is that it is not a simple problem to fix. These types of calculations are very resource hungry which is why we limit the scope. We will try and figure out a way to make this work better but there is no timeline on this.

I understand that.

I guess if you consider only content from Beginner 1, Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1 the result would be fine because everyone who uses this feature want to look for lessons with the lessest number of new words, don’t you think so.

Another idea: You offer a two click solution so that the descision if he or she wants to wait is up to the user.

What I miss is the option to search for lessons in a collection. For example if want to see the number of unknown words for the lessons of the EnglishLingQ Podcast.

@Vera - The issue is that this lengthly calculation will slow the site down for other users since it ties up resources. As Mark says, we’ll try finding a solution for this one.

One thing I have noticed which would be slowing things down concerns word calculation on the lesson page. This is required but it does all lessons at once. Perhaps it would be better to make it calculate the current page at a time and only do the others when they are requested. This would mean that instead of calculating the lot, it’s only 1 page at a time done. I’ve often got pages and pages of lessons, and I’m not the only one. If somebody wants to quickly go through their pages, checking their new totals, then it would react much quicker so it wouldn’t be difficult. Smaller requests too. Since most people don’t need to go through their entire lesson collection at once, it seems like it could be an improvement.

In the expanded view, it only calculated the New Words for those first ten lessons.

In the list view, there are two options:
(1) Click on “Calculate”, which calculates the new words for the current 10 lessons.
(2) Select “New Words Total” or “New Words Percentage” as the Sort option, which calculates it for all your active lessons.

I only ever use the list view. So, it takes that long to just calculate 10 lessons? Wow, they must be too big… :slight_smile:

That would probably affect it, too :wink:

Average words around 6-7,000. Hmmmmm, maybe. :slight_smile: