Problem with show/hide spacing when using iLinq with Japanese

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me.

I’m using the iLingQ app on an ipad2 to study Japanese. It’s a really great app and think it’s a great way to study.

There’s one tiny thing that I find a bit annoying though. In some lessons, for example, intermediate lesson #53 Hawaii, even if I select the hide spacing option in my browser on my computer, when I come to view the lesson on my ipad using the app, the lesson is shown with the spacing included. Personally, I find it much much harder to read Japanese with the words all spaced out in this way.
I’ve tried deleting the cache in the app and restarting the app multiple times but no matter what I try it seems like the lesson is always shown with the spacing.
Strangely, this doesn’t seem to be the case for all lessons. For example, I don’t have this problem with intermediate lesson #17 Books and Comics.

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance!


Hi Stephen,

Can you try this again and let me know if it’s working? I think it had to do with the spaces in the original text.

It’s working fine now Alex. Thanks! It makes a massive difference. There’s a few other lessons where I have the same problem. Do you mind if I mention them in this thread as I come across them. Unless there is some way you can easily tell at your end which ones have this problem.

At the moment, I know #1 Difficulties of Japanese and English and #28 Emiko’s New Cell Phone also have this kind of spacing problem.

Much appreciated!

Argh, sorry Alex. I guess I replied too soon. There’s still lots of unnecessary spaces in that lesson #53.

Should be fixed now for all of the lessons mentioned :slight_smile: If you notice any more, just let me know!

It’s working fine now Alex. Many thanks!

Hello Alex,

Just noticed the same problem with lesson #29 Mari and Naoko - Experiences in NY


OK, this one’s now good to go as well.


Hi again Alex,

Lesson #30 Boyfriend and Girlfriend is another lesson with that problem.

Thanks in advance!

Looks like a lot of the later lessons in this collection had the same problem, so I’ve now gone in and fixed them all. Let me know if you come across any others in the future!

That’s great Alex. Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it.