Problem with phrases (Android app)

Hi everyone

I just experienced another problem with the Android app. If I save a lingq for a phrase it does not appear on my app. The phrases are neither yellow nor blue nor even underlined as a known word. The single words are shown as ignored words, at least they look the same. It seemed that there might be a problem with showing phrases as a lingq on my app. On the site it works well.

Any idea?



@tobiassimon - That’s correct, this is something that will be added in a future update of the Android app. :slight_smile:

@alex - many thanks for your quick reply. But what shall I do in the meantime? I like to read on the train while riding to my workplace. And I find it very convenient to read my lessons on my app. The point is Arabic has a lot of different phrases which you only can use in some specific situations. So you have to learn them when you can use them in which situation. Would the only option be to log in on the site then?

@tobiassimon - In the meantime you can just open up LingQ in a browser on your mobile phone and you’ll be able to see all your phrases.

@alex - I am afraid I have to accept that. But what do you think when one would be able to see the lingqs for phrases on the Android app? Do you maybe have any specific timetable when you will do particular improvements so that you can tell me when I would be able to expect them?

@tobiassimon - I don’t have any timeframe for you, but we’re actively working on the app so it shouldn’t be too long now :slight_smile:

@alex - glad to hear that. And really congratulations for this great “product”. I find LingQ so helpful for my Arabic. Looked for something like that for ages.

@alex - something else: I just created all of my lingqs in one lesson. There are a lot of phrases. So I made for these phrases (instead of single words) lingqs. Afterwards, I do not see any blue word anymore. But on the top, the site says to me there are a number of new words. But they are part of the phrases and make sometimes isolated not much sense.

@tobiassimon - In this case, just click on the “New Words” tab at the top of the dashboard then work your way through these remaining words. If you’re not sure what the individual word means but don’t want to save it, you can just ignore it first then highlight it later if you decide you want to save it.

@alex - okay many thanks and I went through it as you described, but I thought if I save a phrase then the single words would not be shown as new words in the specific lesson anymore.