Problem with opening lession

After a time of inactivity I tried to open former lesson. It opens a window with the information that internet isn’t able to open this http adress. I see different changes and opening forum contents is possible. Is there any problems within LingQ system I don’t know? By the way: it doesn’t fit on different PC’s. Thanks in advance for respond.

Is this the case with only one particular lesson or with all lessons? Can you let us know which lesson it is?

Sorry Alex, but I was put out of order the last few days. It is the case with all lessons. With Explorer I cannot open any lesson at all. I have installed Firefox and curiously it works. Because I work with a business labtop unfortunately I have to use Explorer. I hope you have any idea of help.

Hmm, this is a strange error. I am not able to reproduce it over here. A recent update was pushed yesterday – do you still continue to experience the same problem? What exactly does the error message say? If possible, take a screenshot and send it to LingQ Support.