Problem with list of reports

When I click on the title of a conversation report I sent, I get this error message: “It looks like you don’t have access to that page”.
Is this normal? Can it be fixed?


This does in fact look like a bug. We will do our best to locate the problem and get it fixed soon!

Hi Michele,

I’ve tried to reproduce your error to no avail. What exactly are you clicking on to get this message?

Alex, whenever I click on a conversation report I sent to another member, I’m told that the page doesn’t exist.
For example, if I click on “1 to 1 conversation” with jeff_lindqvist (Login - LingQ), Firefox tells me this link is wrong. On the other hand, I can open reports sent to me.
On Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, I get a LingQ page saying “OOPS! It looks like you don’t have access to that page.”
Also, I think it would be better to be able to see the newest reports first, in the future.

@mikebond - Which page are you on when you click on these links? Are you on the Speak page or the Reports page?

I am on the Reports page that can be opened from the Speak page by clicking on “View Reports”.

Sorry, I was using the shared account. :slight_smile:

Problem solved! :slight_smile:


I just realized I may have misinterpreted your message. :stuck_out_tongue: Are you logged into the correct account when you come across this error, or was it simply due to being logged into the wrong account?

Sorry to disappoint you, Alex, but nothing has changed here. :frowning:

Yes, Alex, I am logged in with my main account when this error happens. And I’m talking to another member of Lingq’s who has the same problem.
I wrote “Sorry, I was using the shared account. :-)” to explain why that message came from micheleechiara and not from mikebond as the previous ones. Did you think that was how I had solved the problem myself? No, it wasn’t the case, unfortunately.

I’ve the same problem. There is no access to older conversation reports.

Michele, it appears that I did misconstrue what you meant, but no worry.

Vera, you mention that this is for older reports. Does this issue also exist with newer reports or is it after a certain date that you cannot access the reports anymore? How about for you Michele?