Problem with lingQ

Hey is anyone else having trouble getting things to load ? I’m mostly having trouble getting the library to even come up.

I think there are many of us …

Yes–loading time very slow. The audio player is not working in Chrome.

Yup, no audio in Chrome.

I do dig the St. Basil’s Cathedral in the background though :slight_smile:

We hope to be able to resolve the audio issues soon. For me, audio works in Chrome but not Firefox. I did have to exit Chrome and re-launch it. It is all strange but we are working on it.

The site speed is not bad for me but we will be working to improve it over the next day or so.

For me audio doesn’t work neither in Chrome nor in Firefox, under Windows 7 and XP. I restarted my computer and nothing helps. The speed is okay.

For me (using Chrome) the entire dictionary/audio/tools box is stuck “loading” but never actually loads. I can view the lesson content, but nothing else is working :frowning:

Audio is back! Excellent! (Chrome) - little by little it’s all waking up and coming back to life …
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

Yes, audio should be playing in the lessons. We are still working on text to speech. Also the speed should be back to normal now.


If you’re in China, that was an issue for some before the update. I had the same problem without VPN running.