Problem with Lingq starting this morning, can someone help?


I’ve been using Lingq for a few months and have been loving the new 5.0 so far, though this morning something has changed. When reading through Japanese, I have been able to click the kanji and see the hiragana for pronounciation underneath, but now the popup is just showing the word a second time. I know I can click through and it will show romanji and then the hiragana again, but it used to default to the hiragana. It’s kind of messing with my flow! Is there a setting to change this, or is this just a new general setting? Or maybe it’s a glitch?

I’m not sure. It’s only happening on the web version which leads me to think it’s unintentional. I’ll just move to the app for now, and see if it changes, but I wanted to reach out here just to make sure it’s not something I did.

Thank you,

If you click on it, as you have said, it will switch between Romaji/Hiragana. Once you make that change with the click, it should remain for the next words you select. It shouldn’t switch back to Romaji.
I just tested on my end and it works properly. Do you still have the same problem?

I do. It’s only on the web version, but every time I select, instead of starting with hiragana, it actually shows the whole kanji which doesn’t help me much. It started with showing Hiragana only, but for some reason it just stopped doing that a couple of days ago, and I’m not sure what I did to it.

I was hoping it was simple enough that I would find out by now, but I’ll probably just send something to support and see if I’m missing something.