Problem with lingq limit

Hi, I’m a free member, however, I don’t want to upgrade my account for now. But every time I highlight a word I get a message like this “To continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade.”, so I can’t look a word up, ignore word, etc.
How to solve this problem?

ps: I already deleted lingqs, but it didn’t work.

@AlanC - The LingQ limit is a hard limit, which means deleting LingQs won’t reset this limit. You’ve hit the stage now where you have to decide whether or not to upgrade. Upgrading to Premium is only $10/month, giving you unlimited access to all of the premium features, and you can cancel at any time from the Account page. Of course, you can still access the community and read and download any lessons in the Library, but the premium functionality is available only for paying users.

I think it’s also worth noting that the site has inconsistent information about how many LingQs a free member is allowed. There are pages on which a 100-LingQ limit is vaunted, but that’s obviously not the case.

Thanks for pointing that out. We will get that fixed.

Interesting series of exchanges.

I got a message today that the limit is 20 LingQs for those of us who are on as non-subscribers.

Of course, the problem is that for some people, particularly those in countries where income in general is very low, $10 a month is a very considerable amount of money. I do not, however, see any way that different fees could apply to people who have different levels of access to cash, more’s the pity!