Problem with Lessons

Hi, When I hit to pick a lesson, a box appears with the link to the lesson but when I look at a level for it, the level is beyond what I am doing at the moment. How can I fix this?

@gizmo2012 - You can either take the lesson and see if the level is ok for you or go back and try to find something else. Assuming you have chosen your level you should see lessons at your level. In the collection popup that appears you may see other lessons than the one you selected with different levels but you can either ignore these lessons for now or select them anyway and see how you find them. I suspect they will be fine for you in most cases as the levels can be assigned a bit arbitrarily. Also, there is absolutely no harm in taking a lesson that is not at your level. If you don’t find it appropriate just delete it and go find something else.

Okay, thanks. But how do you delete it?

On the My Lessons page, you can see a Delete link below the description of each lesson.