Problem with lesson audio

There seems to be a problem with a lesson audio. I remember we had problems with that some time ago. Also I find that LingQ is quite slow today. Maybe this is related.

Here is the thread where Evgueny reported the problem:

This is the lesson:

The following lessons seems to be fine (I’ve only checked a few of them).

This is the error message which I get when I click on the audio link on the import page:

Mit dieser XML-Datei sind anscheinend keine Style-Informationen verknüpft. Nachfolgend wird die Baum-Ansicht des Dokuments angezeigt.
(Rough translation: With this XML file seems no style information related. The tree view of the document follows.)

AccessDenied Access Denied BC6524F1C6C18D15 JagqSCUzkl6mk8PXvMiwVaMLUVgxrdi+GAxF3oBRPnN13bjYxZAuW14/QL3CjmBg - See more at:

@VeraI - Thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure what would be causing this issue. Do you have the original audio file on hand somewhere?

I can add this to our list, but if it’s only affecting this one lesson then it may be some time before we are able to look into it further.

Yes sure. I’ve uploaded the audio again. I just waited to give you the chance to have a look on this issue before I change something.

@VeraI - Sounds good! If you notice this with any other audio files be sure to let us know.