Problem with iPad app

I use the LingQ app on an iPad. I bought it recently just to use Lingq on it “landscape mode”, like on a PC. Today the app got a new update et I can’t use this mode … That’s very inconvenient when looking up vocabulary hints.
Another issue, the app got very very slow with this update :(:frowning:

Regarding the Landscape mode, please go to the Settings → Reader → Popup Settings → Choose the popup position.

If you feel the app is slow, can you please let me know which device are you using and are there specific things that you feel are slow or the app in general?

Thank you very much Mr Zoran for your help
I use an Ipad AIR 2. after resetting the device, now I see that the app is fast than before.
Just the time I want to move to another page in the same lesson, I feel like a lag
but I think that my device is a bit older to the new version of Lingq on iPad
thank you guys for all your efforts to enhance Lingq
have a nice day.