Problem with imported images

There is a problem with the import of images.
If images are no quadrat and you import it in a content item it is o.k.
But if you import the image for collection or user profile than the image is distorded (I hope this is the right English expression).
Example: Look at the profile of the English tutor “dooo”. I think he isn’t as slender as it look likes.
I’m not sure how it works with the image of the provider.

Images are not distorted. They are cropped into a square. You must choose the portion of the image you want to crop.

It works like you describe if you add the image to a content.
But it doesn’t work correct if you try to add a image to your profile for example.
When my source was a rectangle I have to choose a portion, but it is not in the correct proportions. I’ve test it yesterday. Also in a collection. The source for my new Collection “Wölfe in Deutschland” was a rectangle. When I choose a part of this picture the wolve was very slender. There are some problems. I can’t explain what exactly occurs but the images are not in the the same proportion as the original image.

I can’t make that happen myself, Vera, but even if it does, we are not going to spend time fixing that now. You will just have to find an image that is more square.

I had some images distorted too…

Yes, it happens to me all the time too.
I think it happens when I try to update a big file.
Small rectangle images are fine.

That could be the reason. The distorded images were big files.