Problem with "Generate timestamps" option

Can someone please help me with this. It’s much easier to learn and create new lingqs with timestamps on the new lessons that I put but sometimes the button/option “generate audio timestamps” doesn’t show at all in the edit lesson mode.

When did you imported that lesson? We had that issue with lessons imported few days ago, and unfortunately button won’t appear back in those lessons, but if you re-import the same lesson you should be able to add timestamps.

I upoaded yesterday and the day before. I just added a new lesson to try it out but the timestamps button is still missing…

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Thanks, I’ll check that again with our developers.

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Thank you!

Is any news about this problem?

Can also confirm, this has been an issue for me also the past week, the button doesn’t show up anymore despite doing the usual tricks - resplitting text, save & open, refresh, reimport, etc…

Not yet, sorry, will post here as soon as I hear back from our developers.

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Any news on the generate timestamps problem?

@antebk Do you still have problem? With newly imported lessons too? If yes. please send me a link to one of lessons you have imported within last 2 days with the reported issue.

I couldn’t reply on your last message so I’m writing here. Problem is with any kind of new lessons I make (it has begun maybe 1 week ago). Here is one for example: Login - LingQ