Problem with editing messages

I’ve noticed that LingQ does not allow me to edit messages on anyone’s profile page anymore. After I have posted a message, I can click on the “edit” button and make changes to what I have written, but the edit doesn’t actually save. So now in order to edit a message, I actually have to (as a work-around) make the changes, copy the newly “edited” message, delete the original message, and then paste and send the edited message as a new message.

Yesterday I edited one word in my lesson and didn’t notice it.

Sorry about that and thanks for reporting this!
I’ve just checked it and you’re right, it’s not possible to edit message and clicking on Save button doesn’t do anything.
I’ll report this and it should be fixed soon. Thanks again!

Thanks zoran. Congratulations on your position with LingQ.
It took me a number of days (edit*: I think it was around March 10 that I first noticed this) to actually report this problem because whenever I attempted to add a new discussion thread on the Support forum, I kept getting the “throttling, wait 900 seconds” message.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Problem with editing message is reported and should be fixed soon.
“Throttling, wait 900 seconds” message appears when a page is refreshed too many times in a row; it’s a safety mechanism we have to try and prevent attacks on the site. We know that it’s not perfect, and feel free to let us know if you are encountering this to often.