Problem with definitions screen

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I wasn’t quite sure what to search to look for this particular problem.

Anyway, this is the problem:
Whenever I am clicking a blue highlighted word (Words I don’t know) I would originally get the definition screen with the options to say “I know this word” “I don’t know this word” etc.
I have apparently gone over the Lingq amount, which is perfectly fine. (I mean, I deleted all of them and it’s still saying this, but that’s another problem I don’t care much about anyway. ) But now, whenever I try to highlight or click a word, it keeps coming up with the "Oops! To continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade."screen.
I would like to see the dictionary definitions but I’m not sure how anymore. Am I missing something?
Thanks for helping.

@Gujiu - The 20 LingQ limit is actually a hard limit, so removing LingQs won’t reset this limit. With a Free account you will have limited access to some of the functionality on the site, but you will still have full access to all the lessons and audio files along with the Exchange and the Forum. You can upgrade for just $10 a month to get full access to all of the premium functionality on the site.