Problem with creating a lesson for a new collection

I’m having a problem when creating a new lesson for a collection that I’m making. I’ve created the collection, and now I’ve clicked to create the first lesson and have the page in front of me that’s used to edit a lesson. (note: I’ve not used the import helper, I’m pasting into the lesson text textbox directly, as I did some pre-editing first on my PC).

I’ve copied and pasted my lessons’ text, added a description and a title. I’ve set the category etc but haven’t done anything more.

I click to create/save the lesson and get the following error.

Which is strange as I’ve not touched anything related to a YouTube video, nor is there any option to set a language (the collection is already in my Spanish ‘account’).

“Video form errors:
Field “youtube_url”: Enter a valid URL.
Field “language”: This field is required.”

(these appear in red text at the top)

I thought it could be cause the text was too long, but I tried again with a much smaller bit of text for the lesson and it failed again.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Or is this a known error?

Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work

This happens if you go to another page then use the back button to go back to this page. You can either

  1. open up the Resources dropdown at the bottom and select video, then remove the text OR
  2. restart the process by going back to the collection and clicking the Add New Lesson button again.

If you still have problems with this, let me know :slight_smile:

I recreated the lesson and it worked perfectly, thanks for the help Alex!