Problem With Course List and Lessons in Course Synch on Android

If the Lessons in a course change order,and/ or are deleted, the List of Lessons for the Course does not stay properly synchronized.

For example, if you have a MyPrivateCourse with LessonAnimals, LessonPeople, LessonPlaces

View My Courses - MyPrivateCourse on the Android and open Each Lesson (Animals,People,Place)
On Android go back to List of Courses
On the website Delete LessonPeople, Add LessonThings
On Android open MyPrivate Course, and you will still see Lesson People and LessonThings will appear
On Android swipe down and the list will refresh and properly synch (reorder and remove deleted lessons)
On Android press MyPrivateCourse to return to list of all Courses
On Android view MyPrivateCoruse and the list is incorrect again (this is a real problem if you are offline and cannot swipe)

After the list properly synch in the swipe down, it should save it.

The reproduction of the problem may also require reordering the list, because I was doing that as well.

I know I can delete the local cache and start over, but that would also require me to go and download all of the other content I want local to my device before I get on a plane this afternoon.

I’ll make do for now, but please investigate for the future.



Hi John,
Sorry to heat that you have problem with our app. I’ll check with our developers and will get back to you as soon as I have more informations. Thanks for your patience!