Problem with blue/unknown words

This evening I imported a couple of lessons like usual but for some reason LingQ is making blue unknown words where it never did before. For example, numbers are now being included as unknown. If I hit X to ignore, I get an error. Also, punctuation is being included now. For example, a lesson has the following sentence: ¿Ahore qué vamos hacer? and “¿Ahora” is showing up as a blue unkown word (I’ve seen the word Ahora a million times in other lessons and is one of my known words).

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I was literally just about to make a post about this. Numbers are being shown now, and it is extremely annoying because of the errors.

Can confirm that I’m having the same problem.

This a problem of course, but on the good news side, LingQ is now correctly recognizing hyphenated Portuguese words.

Sorry about that, everyone! We will get it fixed!

This should be fixed now. Please check again. Thanks for your patience!

Hmm…well I just opened a lesson now and numbers and other symbols are being highlighted blue. For example % is now an unknown word in my lesson. Also, I LingQ’d a phrase and for some reason the yellow highlight of the LingQ is highlighting the words that precede the phrase (If I click on the LingQ though the translation is still for the phrase I originally LingQ’d)

Can you please send me a link to that lesson?

Hmm, dumb question but how would I do that? Can I just paste the URL?

Also is there a way to post a screenshot?

Edit: does this work: Login - LingQ

Thanks, it helps. We will look into it.