Problem with authorisation

Hi! My User name is “irinasmirnova”. I have premium membership. For authorisation I use Facebook account.
And I can’t open this page (Italiano Automatico, CONSIGLIO IMPORTANTISSIMO per il nuo...) in signed in mode. The story is like this:

  1. I open the web-page. In the upper menu it’s written that I’m not logged in.
  2. I click “sign up” - the page (Create a free account on LingQ) is opened where I choose the facebook authorisation. Just after it the page (Вход - LingQ) is opening.
  3. I return to the original page that I wanted to open in signed in mode (Italiano Automatico, CONSIGLIO IMPORTANTISSIMO per il nuo...) and it’s still in non logged in mode!!! What can I do in this case???

And I can’t find this lesson by it’s name in lesson library (Вход - LingQ).

Please, help me

Hi Irina,
The link you are trying to open is a public lesson preview link for unregistered users and that is why you can’t open a lesson with it.
You can find complete “Italiano Automatico” course (including that lesson from your link) here: Login - LingQ

Thank you so much!