Problem with Audio on "Mis Datos Personales" -

At around the 5 min mark, the speaker begins to speak things that are not in the text – for around 2-3 min. It makes it very difficult to figure out where he is.

This is the second problem I’ve had with this particular company of podcasts.


Thanks for letting us know. We’ll fix that as soon as possible.

I think all we can do is to mention in the description that the text may not fully match the audio. I often use content where the audio does not match the text. It is ideal when it does, and certainly when we transcribe audio ourselves that is what we strive for. On the other hand we want to offer as much interesting content as possible so we have to be practical. There will be inconsistencies, and the odd mistake in transcriptions. Such content is still useful. Where we find incorrect transcription of our own material we try to correct it.

So thanks for pointing this out. I hope you can enjoy our content and system with the odd imperfection.:slight_smile:

In the description of “Mis Datos Personales”, I have indicated the times on the recording (4:48~7:41) where there is no corresponding transcription.



Hi Steve,

I hope my message didn’t have a rude tone. As I read it again it seems a bit much… so sorry.

On the subject – what you have done at LingQ is astounding. You have made it quite enjoyable (and incredibly effective) for me to learn Spanish.

So, please don’t read that message the wrong way. LingQ has only just begun, and it is amazing how far you already are…