Problem with anki- Please help

Hi there, the problem which I face has nothing to do with lingq itself but with language learning. I hope somebody of you use anki too…

I have a problem with anki. I created new flashcards and today I wanted to use them. But instead of the questions there appeared a text in German (I’m using anki in German) which means that there is a problem and I have to set something in the options or something like that.
But when I press a button I can see the answer of the question.
I created lots of flahcards with another topic and there was no problem.
What can I do in order to solve the problem?

@basti84 - I would encourage you to go to ask on Anki’s site, as they should be able to help you:

I have played with Anki (it can become quite time-consuming so beware). Alex has posted great advice–Anki’s site has a lot of documentation that will help you out.


I’ve got an advice from the anki support. But honestly, I don’t get anything and don’t know what to do:

From: Soren Bjornstad (Support staff)

You’ve accidentally created the notes using a cloze note type when you meant to use a basic note type. You adjust this using the Type button in the upper-left corner of the add window. To fix the cards you already added wrongly, you can use Edit → Change Note Type in the browser. (You can use the search “added:days” to find the cards you’ve added recently and figure out which ones need to be changed, replacing days with a number.)

@basti84 - It’s probably a good idea to respond directly to them, as they’ll be best qualified to help you with issues regarding their product :slight_smile: