Problem with Accessing Writing Corrections

There are 2 writing corrections on my list that I am unable to access. One is from AngieAkiko (who I speak with all the time). I clicked on it, and it says it is not mine and won’t let me open it. When I click on it, the page goes to “Corrections List.” I know it is to me because I am labeled as the corrector and tutor, and it is based on a conversation of ours. It is called “A trip to the mall with kids” and is 227 words. I would like to correct it, so if you could please find out what the problem is, I would appreciate it.
The is another writing that I began to correct earlier today, but didn’t get a chance to finish that I am unable to open. It goes right to “Corrections List” and says “It is not yours” when I click on it. It is from Dmitry_Da. I would like to get these done. Please find out the problem ASAP!

It looks like we were in the midst of making some adjustments to the tutoring languages which were being automatically assigned to all members. Everything should be working fine now.