Problem when importing from .rtf file

I’m sharing an audiobook whose text is available as a .rtf file and I am having problems with importing it.
When I click on “Save” in the importing page, some blanks disappear, so some words appear united. Then, I have to copy the text to Word, re-insert the blanks and paste it again to LingQ.
I think there should be a faster way to deal with this. What am I missing?

It sounds like it’s due to the formatting in the RTF file. If you copy and paste the original text into Word, does it display properly? For the words that are joined together, what are they separated by in the original file or in the Word document? (space, paragraph break, next line break, etc.)

Yes, if I copy the text from .rtf to Word, it displays properly. The words in question are separated by a space. This issue affects only a limited amount of words here and there. Meanwhile, I have found a .txt file and I’m copying and pasting from there, without problems.

I had a similar problem recently. It had to to with some words that were formatted in bold.

My text was not in bold, though.

These issues can sometimes be a bit complicated, as sometimes text documents look different to us than they do to software. In this case, it seems the issue is the way in which this RTF file was formatted, as text documents aren’t always WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

In any case, it’s good to hear that you have a .txt version of the book and that it is working properly!