Problem when coming to the end of a lesson

As i click to end the lesson i get this:

Invariant Violation: Minified React error #130; visit[]=undefined&args[]=%20Check%20the%20render%20method%20of%20`LessonComplete`. for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings. Please check your Internet connection and visit our Twitter feed for system status updates.

I click ok and then the page stays blank.

Been happening since last night. Please fix it.

Same here. I confirm I have this issue too.

3 days i’ve been back on here and have had several errors. Last night i had several audio lessons come on all at once while i was reading a different lesson.

This site is hilariously woeful in terms of bugs.

Can someone from LingQ actually explain why your website runs so poorly given you have (presumably) a full time programming team on board ? WHY does it break all. the. time. ?

Same here.

Same here. It still worked fine for me at first today, but then I started receiving that message. Very annoying.

The system seemed to work for a while and so they got my sign up. Then like always there are multiple problems within a few days. I’m not paying $10 per month to be continually highlighting problems and using a system with reduced usability and so they have lost my subscription after just 3 days of use. Very poor.

This site could really be something if the tight wads in charge actually spent some money on getting the bugs ironed out. Imagine paying to be a lifelong member and then having to put up with this all the time !

You come to love even the bugs with time. :slight_smile:

Lingq is a family affair on a relatively small budget, don’t expect Google or Apple quality and you’ll be less frustrated. The system still works, despite the bugs, and on the whole I’m very satisfied with my monthly investment. Learning Italian and Greek has made my life infinitely richer than 10 dollars a month over several years…


Sorry but what on earth are you talking about ?

You come to love the bugs ? Spoken like a true sycophant.

LingQ isn’t some deity to put on a pedestal. It’s a product that spends half its time broken.

If you like paying for stuff that breaks all the time that’s your prerogative. I don’t.

Especially as there are free alternatives that never break.

Sorry about that everyone, the issue should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!