Problem uploading audio


I’ve been trying to upload the 15th chapter “Discovering Asian Culture. Creating An Opportunity…” of the Linguist book into LingQ during the last few days. I don’t know why it gives a 500 error or something…

Today I tried it again but without the audio, and it worked, but when I tried to upload the audio, it happened the same.

Can you help me?

Hi Pedro,

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the import system. Can you please check that there isn’t anything wrong with the audio file you are trying to upload. You can try uploading a different file to check whether it is the file itself that is causing the problem. Another possibility is the file name itself which may be too long.

Let me know what you find.

I’m going to try now, I think it is because the name is too big… I didn’t know that could cause problems, but I had already noticed it’s too big. I’m going to try with a shorter name, and I’ll tell you if it worked.

It was because of the long name! I could finally upload it. Thanks, Mark :wink:

If the audio of my imported article is inside the site (the first line of the page is “listen”) how can I upload also the audio file?

When you import an item, there is a place to upload the audio file. You must first download it to your computer, then locate the file on your computer when uploading in in the Import section. I recommend you watch the video demo for Import.