Problem to upgrade account

I was trying to upgrade my account again to basic membership, but a problem showed 15005.
Then I tried again and the lingq web blocked my attempts.
So I was thinking that the problem was my credit card (visa) and I called to support, but the attendant said that theres is no problem with my credit card. I would like to upgrade as soon as possible and I would like help. Thanks.

After a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, you will be temporarily blocked from trying to pay. We implemented this to prevent spammers from paying using stolen cards.
Please come back tomorrow and try again, as the block should be lifted by that point. Let us know if you continue to have problems with this.

Hi, today i tried again and it keeps showing the same message, can someone help me because i have other credit cards and I am wanting to make more activities on lingq, but without make lingq that will be not possible. Thanks.

I also saw that i had 501 points, and now shows 0. What is happening? Can someone fix these problems urgently please?

@Arua - I am sorry you are having so much trouble with the payment system. We are looking into fixing the problem. However, in the meantime, if you contact support, we can process your payment manually. I have sent you an email asking for more information.

Regarding your points, all points expire if not used within 90 days. I’m afraid your points expired.

Hi Mark,

I´ve been having the same problem, i am ready to become a paying menber but at the moment that i try to make the payment it shows the same error. I already sent an email to customer support regarding this issue

@maliki86 - I didn’t see your email to support. Did you send it to support at lingq dot com? At any rate, sorry about this issue. If you email again I can arrange to get your credit card information by phone and set up your upgrade manually.

Ok Mark, i´m going to resend the email

do you want me to send the CC information so you can help me with the process ?

Sure, if you send your cc info by email I can set you up manually. Just tell me your username and desired membership level in the email.

Mark, i already sent the cc information.