Problem signing up for speaking sessions?

I have a student from Japan who says that she is having trouble signing up for conversations on new LingQ. I don’t know what the problem is, but I notice that my other Japanese students haven’t signed up for anything since new LingQ went live. Does anyone have any more light to shed on this?

I signed for an event without problems, and I have a student signed both for a one-on-one and a group conversation in Portuguese.

Signing up doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 7. But it works with Firefox.

Yes, there is a bug in IE for 1 on 1’s. We will fix it today.

I see available time slots, and pick one that suits me, but I can’t see any “Sign up” button or similar for those “1 on 1” conversations. Perhaps that’s the same problem that Helen’s student has.

(IE 7.0, Windows Vista)

Yes Jeff, this is the problem. I’ve made my assignements with Firefox but I hope IE will work soon.