Problem sharing newspaper articles

I have been uploading interesting newspaper articles in my target language (Dutch), but when I try to share them I am not allowed to without attaching, or linking to, an audio file. Since these are newspaper articles, there are no audio files to attach. Is there a way around this?

I don’t know of any…but just curious if this is on the beta site? I know the “old” (current) site doesn’t allow it, but they do have autogenerated audio for the whole lesson now in the beta apps, so I wonder if that rule will be relaxed.

I recently noticed that a number of Italian books, without audio, have been shared by LingQ Content manager ‘nsprung’. So the rule might indeed be about to change. (See e.g. Login - LingQ)

At the moment you can’t share lessons without audio. However, in the upcoming update, it will be possible to auto-generate audio for lessons without it, so you will be able to share them.