Problem: newly imported German lesson doesn't work

I have imported Rammstein lyrics but there’s a problem: after a few pages in I can’t select or mark most of the words.

The problem seem to affect only this particular lesson since other even longer lessons in the same course work fine.


Hi Sergey,
How did you import this lessons? Through the importer or manually?


Can you let me know from where you copied the text? What source?

I created an mp3 file and collected lyrics in a MS Word file. Then I made a new lesson, copy-pasted the songs, attached audio. Pushed “regenerate” and “generate timestamps” links.
I’ve been doing it this way for years.

How’s it going? I can send you the word file if it can help reproduce and fix the bug.

Yes, please provide a word file to support(at)
We will try to figure out what’s going on.

Any news?

Sorry but not yet. Our developers are still looking into the issue. I’ll let you know once it’s sorted out.

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Just FYI: a couple of days ago I reported similar behaviour in some Japanese lessons I imported manually (copy - paste). Not that I couldn’t select any word but some kanji characters, even halfway a word, couldn’t be marked.

Personally I don’t think it has something to do with the Word document but how the LingQ reader is parsing/identifying the text.

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The lesson is fixed. Thanks to all involved.

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Yes, it’s fixed now. Thanks again for your patience, it took us some time to figure it out.