Problem looking up unknown combinations of known words in Android app

I am having trouble with the LingQ Android app. The problem is as follows:

On the Android app, I cannot select a word that is already “known” (that is, a word that is neither highlighted blue nor yellow). Why is this a problem? Because I need to study expressions as much as (or even more than) individual words. For example, in a French text, I encountered the expression:

“ça va sans dire” (that goes without saying)

But since I already know all of the constituent words (“ça” “va” “sans” and “dire”) none of them is highlighted blue in the text.

On the website, this is not a problem because I can still click and select a word with the mouse even if that word is not blue. But in the Android app, there seems to be no way to select an expression that is composed of non-blue, previously learned words. Since French (and most other languages) are full of such combinations, this severely limits the utility of the app for me.

Does anyone know of a way to work around this? The only thing I can think of is to reset the French language on my account page and turn ALL of the words blue. This seems drastic, but it may be the only way for me to use the Android app to look up expressions that consist of unique combinations of known words.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi matthewmiller,
Are you using reagular app version or you are in Beta? If you are using regular version, would you be interested to join the beta and use the new app version instead? New version is huge improvement in both performance and design and I am sure you will like it and have your issues fixed there. We plan to release new version officially within next 15-20 days, but if you are interested to try it right away, please contact me on zoran(at) and let me know which gmail address your are using for Google Play account on your device. Thanks!