Problem in IE8 if lesson notes and a translation is available for a lesson

There is a problem in IE8 with the lessons if there are lesson notes and translations available.
For example this lesson:

There are German and English lesson notes and an English translation.
Shown are the English lesson notes in the English translation tab and the system runs on an error!

This works in FF and Chrome.

Just to bring this to attention.

Hi Vera,

This issue was actually related to the formatting of your resources. I assume this was because they were copied and pasted from Microsoft Word. I used the paintbrush icon to clean up any messy code and now it seems to be working fine.

Was the messy code in the lesson itself or in the lesson notes?

It seemed to have been in the notes, hence why only two of three resources displayed.

One suggestion: Why don’t you automatically clean the code when you store the text if the user hasn’t done this?

@VeraI - I have asked the same question of our programmers and it is in our list…! :slight_smile: We hope to be able to do this in the future.