Problem importing Lesson from DW (Deutsche Welle) app

I am having problem importing news article from DW app.

The process is:
Go to Deutsche Welle app → click a news → select Huawei Share → Import Lesson
Received error, refer to attached pictures.

Details are:
LingQ v4.9.13 (279)
Huawei P20 Lite

Please let me know if this can be fixed? Thank you.

Best regards,

Please try importing from the Deutsche Welle website instead, importing from the app won’t work in most cases.

shafier, in addition to what zoran suggests…dw has a few different youtube channels. You could also import from there. Note, though, that the majority of the videos here are using auto generated subtitles which can be a little unsatisfactory for reading content (no punctuation). I think their “Top Thema” ones though are the ones that generally have true subtitles that they’ve actually created.

Ah I see. I have been importing from the website itself, and there is no issue with it. Hence, I was wondering why it was not working when using the app.

I will give it a go with the youtube channels. Thanks for sharing the info! Cheers.