Problem: 8.7x read

Today I’ve read a short lesson, only once:

(Windows, Chrome).

Results are concerning:

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Thanks, we are investigating the issues related to the words read counter and our developers are fixing some issues at the moment. We will have it improved soon.


I have this same problem too. I’ll read a lesson 8-10 times over 3 days and my counts say like 30. To me, if I flip back a page or two to see something and then come back to where I was, that shouldn’t count as having read it again. It’d be easier to have purely manual control of the counts for read/listen, or only have those increment when you click the check at the end of the lesson. (then, since they recently changed the decrement steps to 0.1, I have to click 50 or 60 times on the minus button to get my counts correct.


Lol and I thought it was bad when I had 1.9x. This is bad. Glad to know this will be solved

9 times? Not a big deal, I have millions words of reading in my Polish (and I read the lesson just once)


Does this happen for every lesson or was it only on this one?

Is this on Android?

I’m using a calculator so my stats don’t mess up

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Lol wow, maybe this would account for some people being leaders in 90 Day challenges but with very little activity daily/weekly (LingQs/Known Words), but the Words Read stat is in the millons as well


I use android some, but I also use the web interface, does it on both.

I’ve actually started to have cases where I get less than 1.x read.