Previously Lingq'd words return to unkown

I have been having a problem for quiet some time and it seems that (looking back in the forums) others have been having issues with this for about 10 years now. If I finish a lesson and have click on all the words (thus lingqing them) making it so that 100% of the words have been lingqed. A few days later words that I have long since lingqed return to unknown words. This forces me to go back to that lesson and relingq them again. This is rather annoying and cumbersome.

There’s also an issue where it says that a lesson has X% of new words, but it shows no new words. This seems to be a long standing issue with no solution being made at all. What can be done about this?

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Thanks for reporting, I asked our team to investigate the problem.

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Hi Thomas / LingQ team

RE: issue where it says that a lesson has X% of new words

This was common with lessons/courses created whilst v4 active, and then v5 upgrade format used slightly different format with the lesson TITLES, so those ‘title’ words were not counted in the v4 format (unless they appeared later in the text body of the lesson).

It is still prevalent with older courses, where info stats list usually shows as 0 new words (blue) but show a LOW figure as %, e.g 6% (as in your picture above) but there are words in the title line which are effectively now ‘new’ to the v5 stats which includes full headline title … (probably the english text), so workaround is to just X them in the lesson concerned … hope this makes sense …


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