Prevent audio player from remembering where I left off

Hello everyone,

when I review mini stories, I oftentimes only listen to the stories and skip the questions. Then, when I listen to the entire playlist, the audio resumes where I left off, i.e. it starts at the question segment, in the middle of the audio file, and doesn’t play the stories to go with them, making me have to take out my phone every single time to manually rewind to the beginning of the story, which is not only tedious, but also very impractical e.g. while doing the dishes.

Is there a way to set the LingQ audio player to always start at the beginning of audio files, no matter where I left off the last time I listened to the file? Thanks.


Yes, audio players remembers where you left off, that is how it works at the moment and it can’t be changed.

alright, thanks for the info.

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hello again, do you think you could at least implement a change where the “go back” button goes to the beginning of the current track instead of straight to the previous one? that way, users could at least just reset the current track with a single click before going to the next one instead of having to manually drag it back to the beginning, which usually doesn’t even we work properly, going back to around 0:05 instead of 0:00.


We’ll see what we can do. Thanks for your suggestion.

This is a great suggestion! My SUV was the last model year that did not have Apple CarPlay, so I have to click back or forward from the steering wheel buttons and it does exactly what Cat is complaining about.

It doesn’t rewind to the start of the track you’re on. It goes back a track, and if you press forward from there and are optimistically hoping you will be at the start of the track you wanted, you will be disappointed. It keeps taking you back to that same confounded spot you can’t get away from.

I think with Apple Carplay you could probably just drag on the screen with your finger, but with my 2017 SUV I either have to stop driving and fool with my iPhone or just suck it up and let the track run out in a part I don’t want to hear.

The current setup is counterintuitive unless you’re listening to a super-long audiobook track and then you might want the memory bookmark.

The “forget last location” toggle would be great.

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