Presentation of text differs

Example: The first lesson of my beginner Course “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now”: Login - LingQ

In Beta View the empty lines are missing. But they are especially helpful to break the text into logical parts.
The text in Classic View and in the print version are fine.

Example text:
Anna: Hallo!
Laura: Hallo!

Anna: Hallo Laura!
Laura: Hallo Mama!

Anna: Guten Tag!
Laura: Guten Tag!

Anna: Guten Morgen!
Laura: Guten Morgen!

Anna: Guten Abend!
Laura: Guten Abend!

Anna: Gute Nacht!
Laura: Gute Nacht!

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Just want to bring this up.

Hi Vera,
4.0 reader works different that classic and on 4.0 it’s not possible to have multiple blank lines between paragraphs. So for now, there is nothing that can be done here.