[presentation bug] sentence mode chops sentences

In full page mode, I have no trouble seeing the whole sentence of each sentence and all words are shown completely. However, in sentence mode, if the lesson was imported from youtube, I get the sentences being chopped at the right. I can only see a partial word at the end. It is as if the sentence was created to a larger width and subsequently chopped off at the width of the yt-video (which shows above the sentence).

I use chrome at the moment due to lingq’s firefox problems.

P.S. Why show the video above each sentence in sentence mode? I am hardly going to play the video each sentence. I am however playing the audio each sentence (of lingq, not the video). Maybe using an icon like in page mode would be both easier, less space consuming and less error prone.


Not sure about the sentence mode thing, but I have seen a problem that may be related, with a podcast that I believe was imported from youtube. I imagine it must have to do with the format (probably short subtitles) that it was imported in. The text is pretty well crammed to one side, which in itself isn’t much of a problem, but the frustration is that you can’t make a multi word lingq of those words (or, that phrase or sentence), if they happen to bridge between two lines, which more often than not they do, when there are only about six words to each line!

This is the lesson (in Italian), if anyone wants to try it. Login - LingQ

If you want your issue to get attention it deserves, you should really describe it as a separate issue: it is related, but not the same. Best case they handle both as separate issues. However, chances are that developers will focus on one of the two issues here, and forget about the other one. That would be a pity. Best thing is: post it separately so neither gets “forgotten”. You are right though, they might be related.