Praxistest Englisch - How was it going with my English?

Now, after my holiday in the United States of America, I can tell you about my experiences with English in real life. I wrote an article about this. It’s now available in the German library.

Veras Corner ist ja mein Sammelpunkt für alles Mögliche, das mit Sprachenlernen zu tun hat. Da ich jetzt in den USA war, denke ich, Euch könnten meine persönlichen Erfahrungen interessieren.

Den Beitrag findet ihr in der Sammlung “Veras Corner” in der deutschen Bibliothek von LingQ, Folge #35, Praxistest Englisch:

Hi Vera, I’d like to read about your experience with American English life, but my german is too bad. It would be great to have it in English as well.

Good suggestion, Serge. I’ll try to translate it into English. Thank you for your interest.

I translated the article into English. You’ll find it on my blog:

Hi, Vera! Thank you for your great job!

Thank you Serge. In the next day’s I’ll get recorded it by a native speaker and I’ll upload it to the English library.

I’d love to read this article in German once my German is good enough to do it.
In the meantime, I am looking forward to read it in English.

HI veral i read in english, very interesting article,thanks