Potential new languages?

I’m just curious about whether there are any plans to introduce Korean on LingQ? I’m sure there would be a large number of would-be tutors and content (audio) providers who would be able to benefit from the English resources on the site in exchange. Due to there being a relatively easy-to-learn alphabet in Korean, I don’t think that it would need to be in Beta form, as is the case with Chinese & Japanese.

Also, has there been much discussion about having Hindi/Urdu available on LingQ? It would be interesting to see if it could be combined into one resource, if it were to become available. My understanding is that they are the same language but they are written using different scripts, much like Serbian and Croatian. It would be interesting to see if there are learners out there who would be willing to put in the effort to learn both alphabets and therefore, once proficient, be able to select texts (or books) to read from either source (Pakistan or India).

I just noticed that that previous thread (about langauges) was posted just as I was typing this one, so please don’t feel that I ignored it. hehe

Peter you have seen my response there, let’s continue over there since LinguaFranca was first.