Posts on LingQCentral appears two times on Facebook

Hi Mark, if I post something on the English LingQCentral it appears twice on Facebook. Can you have a look into this, please.

Hi Vera,

I have no idea why this would be but it would have something to do with Posterous or your Posterous settings. Has it happened before? If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch.

I’ve experienced this problem more than once but not every time. And I allways post in the same way: by web.

Very strange. Now I posted something on the German Blog and nothing appears on Facebook. I tried to do it from the post again. Nothing. I worked two days ago.

Vera, those are Posterous issues but you can always manage your posts from the Posterous web interface, can’t you? You can see your post and then click the “Autopost” link that appears when you hover on the title to select the sites to autopost to if they were missed.

That is exactly what I did when I wrote “I tried to do it from the post again.” It didn’t work with the web interface. I always use the web interface to have a better control.

Have you tried using the email system? I never seem to have problems doing it that way.