Post comments on a wall

If I want to write a comment and in order to send it, I have to click on the Post button but it is written Post and Submit for correction…And if I don’t want to submit it for correction?

I don’t know where is the wall that existed on the old version. For example, on my profile page, I cannot find Yvette’s message received by e-mail. It is very difficult for me to find messages on New LingQ system.

Please let me know how I can avoid sharing all my activities except for wall messages on my private page.
Oh, I understood.
Now, on our profile page, we cannot find messages written by members. In order to see them, we have to go to members’ profile pages. I think it is a little bit annoying to do that.

Thanks for your patience Shigeharu. We will refine the functions of the Friends and Profile page over the next few days.

We have changed the way activities show up on your wall. Unfortunately, all old posts and activities from before the update are still showing and these are what are causing the complaints. We’ll look at what we can do with these. Also, the fact the wall posts don’t currently work is a problem! We are trying to figure out what has happened here.

I would like to know the reason why is it written Send comments and Submit for correction?
If I write a comment in my own language, it’s not useful for me to be corrected. However, I tried to do that because I needed to send that comment but I can’t send it. Is there a problem here or I do wrong? Thanks for your answer

The Post and Submit for Correction button is there so that users writing on other members’ walls in a foreign language will have the opportunity to also submit the wall post to be corrected.
There are some issues on this page, but we’re actively working on them and hope to have the Friends section working properly soon!

@marianne - Unfortunately, posting on walls is not working at the moment so it doesn’t matter what you click…! Sorry about that. We hope to have it working soon. Regarding the post button, it’s default state is just Post. Only if you click to view the dropdown do you see the “post and submit” option. Perhaps it is the button type that is confusing. We will add a separator so it is more obvious that you can just click the Post button which is what people will do most of the time.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: