Possible to see a list of your recently added known words?

Around 30 words were added to my known words on accident seemingly out of nowhere as I finished a lesson. I don’t know how they were added. Is there any way to go to find the latest words added to known so I can “unkown” those roughly 30 words? Thank you!


See here

Change the language code from ms to whatever your studied language is


To find words marked as known in a lesson you will need to query the lesson itself

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Inside the lesson, top right corner, you can open a sidebar which contains a list of all your words from that lesson; at the bottom of the list you can switch between LingQ’s from the lesson, new words from the lesson, and all words in the lesson.

If that doesn’t work, if you go through the lesson again, or if you encounter the words again elsewhere, you can mark the unknown words as they come up.

To avoid that happening in the future you can go to settings (under your avatar menu, top right if you’re on a computer), and under AppSettings → Reader → General - uncheck the box for “paging moves to known”.

Or just AutoLingQ at the beginning of each lesson and then mark known words as you go along.

Hope that helps.