Possible to make "Lesson URL" actual clickable links?

Hi lingq team, when I have a lesson open and it has a URL, the URL is not clickable. In order to go to that destination URL, I have to manually highlight the entire URL (sometimes difficult because a portion of the URL is sometimes underneath the “give rose” button), then I have to copy the URL to the clipboard, open a new browser tab / window, and then paste the URL.

Would it be possible to enhance the text URL into an actual clickable hyperlink?

Hi! I’m not sure I actually follow quite what you’re trying to do - would you explain why you looking to open a new tab and open the lesson up again?

The Lesson URL is a URL that you can send over to non-LingQ users so they can access the lesson. For LingQ users, you can just send the URL that appears in the address bar (the one that ends in /reader/), and this will work for anyone who already has an account.

I have a lesson (it’s private so I’m not sure if you’ll have access to it or not) at Login - LingQ. The lesson’s “original url” is set, and the url points to BBC - Languages - French - Ma France - Preview - Video B. But when I am using the desktop version of lingq, the “original url” is displayed as static text. Sometimes I like to go back to the original source of the article that I imported a lesson from. It would make things easier if the “original url”, i.e. BBC - Languages - French - Ma France - Preview - Video B, was rendered onscreen as an actual html link

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Sorry, I was thinking in the case of publicly shared lessons, where the URL is a Guest URL which can be sent to non-LingQ members. Yes, I’ll add this to our list and we’ll see if we can fit this in somewhere!