Possible to edit my lingq levels/goals?

If not, could it be possible in the future if I want to set my own Lingq goal rather than the one set for me by the website? Because I average over 100 words anytime I use Lingq and would like to set the limit more suited to my daily goals. And also, if possible, would like to edit how many words needed before I reach a new level per language. For example, the A1-C2 levels are just example goals set by the Lingq staff. But the problem is, I would like to set them higher some languages like russian or korean due to their great numbers of inflected words. Not to mention, that people might define A1-C2 in different ways and would therefore be easier to better customize their goals. I know it’s just word count on doesn’t reflect overall fluency, but it would greatly help in people customizing their word count goals(or just me ;D) Unless i’m just dumb and haven’t figured where I could’ve done this myself beforehand.

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Oh brother.

No, it’s not possible at present.


I also am not sure it will be changed in the near future either, I don’t believe it’s a priority for them. Mark has said many times that the low goal is to encourage people to at least do something with their target language in a day, because something is better than nothing.