Possible to add dictionary ressources?

Is there a way to add dictionary ressources?

I am learning chinese, and the site http://jukuu.com is free and provides a lot of authentic sample sentences.
I would like to add it to my ressources. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

@ausgang - Thanks for the suggestion. I have now added this to the list of resources for English and Chinese.

Wow! That’s customer service. Thanks a lot!

However, if everything is already paid? not is free nothing ?

@vijola - With a Free account, you will have limited access to the functionality on the site. However, you still have full access to the community and all of the lessons in the Library.

but you wrote that basic plan is free 20 LingQ’s is it truth or not?

@vijola - That is correct. The limit of 20 is a hard limit, so once you hit this limit you cannot reset it by deleting LingQs. You can learn more about what is included in the different membership levels by viewing the membership chart on the Account page: https://www.lingq.com/accounts/account/


Can this French-French dictionary be added: Dictionnaire français : définitions faciles, synonymes, exemples ? I have just found it out, and it looks very useful.

And practically no Russian-Polish or Polish-Russian dictionary
I translate only to Ukrainian with Lingvo or to English with Pon. And if I haven’t understood, I have to make the third translation: from these languages into Russian. It takes a lot of time.
Really, it is one maybe R\Polish dicrionary here, but it has less than 4 thousand words and that’s why it is of no effect.
Maybe it’s possible to add the normal Polish-Russian Dictionary, isn’t it?

Alex, were you able to add the monolingual French dictionary I suggested some weeks ago? I’d also like it if you could add this Portuguese dictionary: Dicionário Priberam Online de Português Contemporâneo.

@mikebond - Ah, I had actually added the first dictionary but it looks like I forgot to post here. I’ve now added the Portuguese dictionary as well.

Thanks, Alex!